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A new custom built deck in Franklin is a great way to improve your home and take your outdoor space to the next level. Decks are such an important part of our outdoor living areas. We want to make sure our decks endure, so we build them with quality materials and craftsmanship. We create unique decks for our unique clients

There are many ways we can make your deck blend seamlessly with your home. We want to understand exactly what it is you want and design accordingly. We want to utilize the most effective building techniques of today. From the foundation up, we strive to build every deck structurally sound.

Franklin Refined Decks & Porches can lead the way whether you’re on a mission to build a deck, pergola, gazebo, porch, walkway, or any other outdoor structure.

Options For Your Residential Deck

1. Pressure-treated Wood: Among the various types of decking, pressure treated lumber is one of the common types. Pressure-treated lumber is treated with various chemicals to promote a longer life, like insecticides and anti-rot properties. It’s generally easy to find, and easy to work with making it one of the more affordable deck options. Also, if you don’t care for the color of your natural wood, it allows you to stain it to give you color options. Pressure-treated wood does require regular maintenance, but with good care such as pressure washing, re-staining, and sanding you can extend it’s life.

2. Composite Decking: Composite decking is a go to material that gives you color options combined with long lasting weather resistance. Composite decking is basically different materials combined together to create a long lasting product. Low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, natural wood, rice hulls, and other combinations of materials are generally what goes into composite decking. Composite comes in a wide variety of color options. Some brands also use lots of recycled materials in their products making it a more environmentally friendly option. Composite decking material is great on many levels including, low maintenance, stands up well to abuse, doesn’t splinter or warp, and doesn’t require staining or paining.

Residential Decks

3. Cedar Decking: In general, people see cedar decking as a higher quality product when compared to pressure-treated lumber. Cedar has natural tannins, which help it to resist bugs, and rot. If you’re going with cedar, make sure you go with heartwood cedar. Heartwood cedar is cut from the center of the tree and is more dense than others cedars. Like pressure-treated wood, cedar will require some regular maintenance, but if you take care of it you’ll get a longer lasting deck than with pressure treated lumber.

4. Hardwoods: Ipe, teak, and even mahogany are some of the hardwoods that can be used for decking. Some are at the high end of the decking price range, but can make long lasting beautiful decks. Hardwoods can provide a high level of style and elegance for your backyard.

Some Style Options

When it comes to deciding on a deck layout, and look you want to decide which material you’d like to use. Here are some of the options people choose for their custom residential decks.
Contemporary Deck


Contemporary residential decks emphasize clean lines, sleek designs, and a modern look. They often incorporate minimalist elements like metal railings, glass panels, and low-maintenance materials like composite decking. Neutral color palettes with pops of color work well in contemporary deck designs.

The nice thing is you have plenty of deck options to help facilitate the look and feel you’re after.


Traditional residential decks bring in a classic and timeless look. They often feature natural wood materials like cedar or redwood with traditional railing designs like vertical balusters or lattice. Traditional decks may also use more ornate details, such as decorative post caps and moldings.


Rustic deck styles embrace a more natural and rugged appearance. They often use materials like weathered wood, reclaimed lumber, or even log beams. Rustic decks may include elements like rough-cut railings, stone or brick accents, and natural landscape features to create a cozy and rustic ambiance. This can give you some interesting and appealing looks.


Coastal deck styles are inspired by beachside and seaside aesthetics. They often feature light-colored decking like white or light gray composite, that mimic the look of weathered wood. Coastal decks sometimes include nautical-themed accessories like rope railings, striped awnings, and marine-inspired decor. It can be a fun way to have a space away from home in your backyard. 


Cottage deck styles evoke a cozy and charming atmosphere to remind you of country living. They often use natural wood materials with a distressed or painted finish. Cottage decks may include elements like lattice, flower boxes, and comfortable seating arrangements that give off a relaxed and inviting vibe.


Colonial deck styles are known for their symmetrical design and refined detailing. Typically they use traditional materials like wood, and the deck has symmetrical layouts, intricate railings, decorative balusters and post caps. These are often used when trying to create a seamless design between a deck and colonial style home.


Minimalist deck styles focus on simplicity, clean lines, and a clutter-free look. They often use color schemes within a color set, sleek materials like composite decking, and minimalist railing designs. Minimalist decks can include built-in seating and storage to maintain a clean and uncluttered appearance.

What Do You Need?

Franklin Deck
Space that Feels Good.

We want your deck to feel perfect and meet your desires. Add usable space to your property by building a deck that will create the “feel” you’re looking for. If you are considering adding a deck to your home, allow Franklin Refined the opportunity to meet your needs.

Composite Deck Residential
Quality Materials

From composite to real wood, we strive to create quality decks that will stand the test of time. As we stated previously, your decking material can be one of the biggest decisions for your new custom deck. The materials you choose will have a large impact on the look, feel, and time you get from your new deck.

Deck that Needs Refinishing
Wood Refinishing or Replacement

Deck looking dingy? Don’t need a “new” deck, but could use a refurbish? Deck replacement you say? Talk to us about bringing life back into your current deck with board replacement or refinishing. Take advantage of our deck repair services, and have some peace of mind.

Deck Rebuild
Deck Rebuild

Wanting to refurbish your existing deck, but replacing a few boards or refinishing won’t get the job done? We can do a deck rebuild to get rid of loose boards, weathered wood, and rickety footings. Once we rebuild your deck, you’ll be ready for a whole new season with your existing deck.

Deck with Privacy
Deck with Privacy

From composite to real wood, we strive to create quality decks that will stand the test of time. As we stated previously, your decking material can be one of the biggest decisions for your new custom deck. The materials you choose will have a large impact on the look, feel, and time you get from your new deck.

Deck with Built in Seating
Built-In Seating

Do you need to increase your outdoor seating for your space? Let us provide you a free quote! Bring your back yard gatherings a fresh look and feel. Outdoor seating that’s available and ready for use can be refreshing and comforting. There are many options for outdoor built in seating.

 Have you considered creating an outdoor fire pit with built in seating? It can be a wonderful way to add character to your backyard!

Need Some Deck Ideas?

There are SO MANY ways to build your new deck.
Basic Deck with stairs n Franklin

Here's a basic raised level deck attached to a home.

This is your standard deck attached to your raised level back door. These decks are often made from pressure treated wood, then stained or treated for color and weather.

Freestanding Deck

Have you considered a freestanding deck?

Not all decks are attached to a home or structure. You can have a freestanding deck that can be used as a hidden retreat, a platform for viewing, or to relax from a tough day at work. One of the most important factors in building a floating deck is to make sure the support legs are firm and don’t allow wobble. Since a freestanding deck is a self-supporting structure, you want to make sure it is a firm support and will last.

Deck with storage underneath

Basic deck with storage underneath.

If you want to store things that can handle some weather, consider building in walls on your deck, and allow us to add a door for access. This is a nice way to add some storage while having your deck built.