Deck Repair in Franklin, TN

Refurbish your deck with deck repair and staining!

Decks require maintenance. Whether your deck is wood, composite, or some other material, it is subject to visible and difficult to see wear and tear. In Tennessee we have rain, sun, insects, occasional snow, and wind, which can cause wood to suffer from water damage, insect attacks, and sun exposure. Deck repair and staining can help in many cases! Much of the time when your deck is in need of a refinish it’s purely cosmetic, but sometimes there are repairs needed to strengthen a wobbly deck.

When your deck has gotten wobbly, it may be natural settling or shrinking, or it could be more serious. It’s always good to have us take a look as soon as you notice movement. If there are insects attacking your structure, or rotting wood, things will only get worse with time.

From old and dry to looking new and waterproofed, we can refurbish your aging deck to bring new life and vitality. Or from rotting wood to replacement, we can handle your needs.

Building a deck on your homes exterior can add value to your property and be a good investment. When there’s nice weather outside, it’s a great place to relax or entertain guests. With all the benefits offered by an outdoor deck, it’s a great idea to ensure that it remains in perfect condition.

Benefits of Deck Rebuilding

Deck Repair and Staining

Revive Your Outdoor Space
Revitalizing your deck with Franklin Refined can transform your outdoor space into a stunning oasis. Our expert deck rebuilding services will breathe new life into your existing deck, giving it a fresh and inviting look that will make you fall in love with your outdoor area all over again.

Enhanced Safety
Ensuring the safety of you and your family is our top priority. By rebuilding your deck, we can address any weak posts, termite damage, broken deck boards, or bad beams that may pose a safety hazard. Our skilled professionals will ensure that every aspect of your deck’s structure is strong, secure, and built to withstand the test of time.

Long-Lasting Durability
With our high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship, your rebuilt deck will be built to last. We use premium materials that are resistant to moisture, rot, and other common issues, ensuring that your deck remains strong and beautiful for years to come. Say goodbye to constant repairs and hello to a deck that stands the test of time.

Refreshed Appearance
Does your current deck look tired and worn out? Let us give it a makeover! Our deck rebuilding services will not only address any structural issues but also refresh the appearance of your deck. Whether it’s refinishing the surface, replacing faded boards, or adding new design elements, we’ll ensure that your deck looks as good as new, adding value and curb appeal to your home.

Expert Craftsmanship
When you choose Franklin Refined for your deck rebuilding needs, you can trust that you’re getting the expertise of skilled craftsmen. Our team has years of experience and an eye for detail, ensuring that every aspect of your deck is expertly constructed. From precise measurements to seamless finishes, we take pride in delivering exceptional craftsmanship that exceeds your expectations.

Common Issues That Need Deck Repair

Weak Posts

Weak posts can warrant immediate deck repair. They can pose a serious safety hazard to your deck and put your or your family in danger. Even though many modern decks use 6 by 6 posts, it’s still necessary to regularly inspect them to ensure they are attached firmly. Moisture accumulation and or water damage can bring about rotting, so checking for these regularly is a good idea. It can also help to prevent these things from lowering the lifespan of your deck. If your deck posts have signs of damage or decay, be sure to call us right away for replacement.


Termite Damage

If you’ve ever experienced termites, you know they can do terrible damage to your homes wood structures. Your deck is constantly exposed to these tiny destructive insects. If you’ve notices any termites in or around your home, after you have your area treated by a professional pest control company give us a call. We can check your outdoor structure for any damage and/or repair needs.


Broken Deck Boards

Broken deck boards are a common issue since decks are exposed to the rain and weather extremes. This can be dangerous because the constant movement can cause the board to crack and or become weaker. Therefore, to avoid issues, it’s a great idea to call deck replacement and repair specialists like us. Experts generally recommend doing full board replacement versus repair and it’s usually more cost effective. We can come give you an estimate and determine what route might be best for your need.


Bad Beams

Besides checking your boards on a regular basis, you should also check to see that your deck beams don’t have cracks or damage. You don’t want beams to be sagging or not securely fastened. Even slight defects in a beam can become a threat, so you should call us right away to have any needed repairs taken care of to ensure your deck is safe.


Deck Discoloration

During the transitioning of the seasons with temperature changes, you may notice some discoloration or fading of your backyard deck. Discoloration can make your modern deck appear outdated, and this makes it a great idea to have it refinished every few years. Our professionals can help you to create a good appearance.


Structural Weakness

Lastly, decks can sometimes have been built by inexperienced homeowners which can affect their integrity. If you notice any weakness when stepping on your outdoor deck, chances are it may need repair. We can check underneath to ensure that joist hangers, post connections, and ledger boards are all secure and complete. We offer a free quote for all our services. So contact Franklin Refined at 615.282.5636.