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Are you looking to add a Pergola, Gazebo, Arbor, or other backyard structure to your home or business in Franklin, TN? As a local Franklin outdoor building company, we offer you the best in quality and looks.

We are the best choice for your Outdoor Hardscape Service Provider. Our company is located in Franklin, TN, and we offer both high end services or affordable services depending on your needs.

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Pergolas in Middle Tennessee

Modern Pergola

Why build a pergola shade structure?

Pergolas are a great way to provide a nice shady spot for your outdoor area. Pergolas are an excellent shade structure since they can be used as anything from trellis, arbor, or gazebo. We can size them to your needs and backyard.

Deck with Pergola

Pergolas can be built with a slated OR solid roof.

Franklin Refined can build your Pergola with an Open Air feel, or a solid rain and sun blocking roof. We can create it with a slant that allows rain runoff. Pergolas can be an amazing shade structure, so have us create it to your needs. When you create your backyard oasis, think about how much sun exposure there will be during the different seasons. Obviously, in Franklin, we all know it gets dark EARLY in the Fall and Winter, and what about rain? Will you want a structure blocking rain, or more open for some wonderful sunlight?

Gazebos in Middle Tennessee


Standard Gazebo

A standard gazebo is an outdoor structure that serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. Typically they’re designed as a freestanding, open-sided pavilion. Their open design allows for ample airflow while providing some protection from the sun, rain, or mild wind.



Gazebos can also add curtains, screens, or trellises to enhance privacy, create shade, or add a touch of elegance. With their timeless appeal and functionality, gazebos are a popular feature in outdoor landscapes. A gazebo can add appeal and promote gatherings of friends and family.

Pool Gazebo

Pool Gazebo

It’s a wonderful addition to your pool area to add a gazebo. It can be used for getting out of the sun, cooking, eating, and lots of other great things. Not only does it add function, but a pool gazebo can add elegance and value to your pool area. Pool gazebos are functional as well as relaxing. They’re also a great place to add some lighting for evenings around the pool.

Pool Deck Installation and Repair

Call on us in Franklin as your experts in pool deck installation or repair. We use different types of materials to ensure we install beautiful and long lasting pool decks. We strive to create breathtaking pool decks for your Williamson County home. We use things like composite, pavers, concrete, and stone for durability. We also use highly craft-able products such as different types of wood for ultimate beautification!