Commercial Deck Builder in Franklin, TN

Commercial Decks for your business

Look no further than Franklin Refined for your professional Commercial Deck Builder in Franklin, TN. Franklin Refined Decks & Porches specializes in both residential and commercial deck building.

If you need to add a deck to your restaurant to add more seating, we are your go to Franklin deck building company. We can not only help to beautify your outdoor space, but help improve the functionality while giving you extra seating for your restaurant.

We leverage our unique skills and talent to ensure that decks align with landscaping features in seamless congruence. Deck installation can help improve the appearance of your commercial property.

Among other things, we can create commercial and residential decks in many forms including residential island decks, detached decks, wraparound decks, multi-level decks, side yard decks, swimming pool decks and entryway decks.

Our services are not limited to deck building. We also build arbor and pergola buildings, patio cover buildings, and other outdoor hardscaping services. Apart from new deck installations, Franklin Refined offers deck repair and replacement services in Franklin and the surrounding areas such as Brentwood, Spring Hill, Leipers Fork, and all of Williamson County. Get a free quote right now and see for yourself how we can increase your property value and functionality with stunning ideas.

Options For Your Commercial Deck

1. Composite Decking: Composite decking is a go to material for your business that gives you color options combined with long lasting weather resistance. Composite decking is basically different materials combined together to create a long lasting product. Low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, natural wood, rice hulls, and other combinations of materials are generally what goes into composite decking. Composite comes in a wide variety of color options. Some brands also use lots of recycled materials in their products making it a more environmentally friendly option. Composite decking material is great on many levels including, low maintenance, stands up well to abuse, doesn’t splinter or warp, and doesn’t require staining or paining.

2. Pressure-treated Wood: Among the various types of decking, pressure treated lumber is one of the common types. Pressure-treated lumber is treated with various chemicals to promote a longer life, like insecticides and anti-rot properties. It’s generally easy to find, and easy to work with making it one of the more affordable deck options. Also, if you don’t care for the color of your natural wood, it allows you to stain it to give you color options. Pressure-treated wood does require regular maintenance, but with good care such as pressure washing, re-staining, and sanding you can extend it’s life.

3. Cedar Decking: In general, people see cedar decking as a higher quality product when compared to pressure-treated lumber. Cedar has natural tannins, which help it to resist bugs, and rot. If you’re going with cedar, make sure you go with heartwood cedar. Heartwood cedar is cut from the center of the tree and is more dense than others cedars. Like pressure-treated wood, cedar will require some regular maintenance, but if you take care of it you’ll get a longer lasting deck than with pressure treated lumber.

4. Hardwoods: Ipe, teak, and even mahogany are some of the hardwoods that can be used for decking. Some are at the high end of the decking price range, but can make long lasting beautiful decks. Hardwoods can provide a high level of style and elegance for your backyard.

5. Additional: There are more decking options and materials available. Have something specific in mind? Set up an appointment and let’s discuss what’s possible for your specialized deck.