Deck Repair Franklin, TN


Deck repair Franklin, TN is just one of the many deck services we do at Franklin Refined. Deck repair is a great service to have done by a professional because there are many factors that go into direction and proper repair. Our experience and know-how can help provide the best options for making your deck renewed to last.
When it comes to repairing decks, we use the best and latests building methods to ensure a safe and secure deck that will stand the test of time.
Deck repair involves discovering decayed boards, and replacing them. It also can include sanding and refinishing older wood to make it look nice and be secure.
If you don’t have a wood deck and have other needs, we’re here to help. We work on many different types of decking. While deck repair doesn’t happen as often on some types of decking, when they are needed through storm damage or other natural occurrence it’s important to use a good contractor!


Deck repair vs replacement

Repairing your existing deck will often save money vs replacing your deck. Deck repair is a consistent need, but needs to be done with proper knowledge and care. Knowing when to replace versus refinish is an important part of the process. Deck replacement will involve not only having to remove the old deck, but then starting the new from scratch. This will cost more from a labor and supplies standpoint.


If you’ve experienced termites, you know they can do damage to your wood structures. Since your deck is constantly exposed to these destructive insects, it’s good to inspect from time to time for any damage. If you notice termite damage to your wooden deck, now is the best time to have us replace. We recommend having your deck treated for termites first, then have us come in for repair. We can check your outdoor structure for any damage and/or repair needs.

Have any broken deck boards?

Broken deck boards mean you need deck repair asap. A broken deck board can be dangerous. Not only can someone fall through, but it creates a tripping hazard. It’s generally best to replace the full set of top boards instead of pieces.

Structural weakness or bad beams.

Besides checking your boards on a regular basis, it’s also good to check to see that your deck beams don’t have damage. We can check underneath to ensure that joist hangers, post connections, and ledger boards are all secure and complete.

Storms and other natural disasters.

Every now and then we have a nasty storm come through and while your deck was built to last, it wasn’t built to handle that tree falling on it! When the unexpected happens give us a call. We’re here to help no matter the reason for needing your deck repaired! Or, let’s say you have a familymember that decides building a fire on your deck was a great idea?! We can help in that situation as well (with the deck not the family member).