Deck Builders Franklin TN


Looking to add a beautiful outdoor space to your home or business? Franklin Refined can build your new deck in the Franklin, TN area. A new deck can add ambiance and desire to your home, as well as increase the value.

Building your new deck starts with a meeting to determine your wants and desires. We will meet with you to get measurements, material requirements, and feature design. We will then get to work on giving you your deck estimate. The price will be determined by the size, scope, and materials you decide you want your deck to be built using. Materials include pressure-treated wood, hardwood, cedar, and composite decking.

Franklin Refined Decks and Porches is your #1 deck contractor for the Williamson County area in middle Tennessee. We love our customers and the Franklin, TN area!

Deck Builders Franklin

Important Reason to Build 1?

Increase Your Vitamin D Intake: Building a deck means more chances to sunbath! No need to visit your tanning salon when you can just grab your lounge chair and let the sun work its magic while you bask in the awesomness of your new deck.

Important Reason to Build 2?

Impress the Birds: Birds are the original home inspectors, you know? Building a deck will impress them so much they may tweet about your property to all their friends! Who doesn’t want a whole flock of birds talking about your new deck?!?

What are some of the steps involved in building a deck?

Site layout and design.

Obviously, before we can build your deck, we need to know what you’d like built! Meeting to go over deck size, design, budget, materials, and layout is the place to start. Call us for a free estimate of your new deck. The budget for your deck is greatly variable based on materials alone. Will you want your deck low maintenance like you generally find using composite decking? Are you looking for a high end hardwood deck with lots of character? Are you wanting a built in outdoor fireplace or water feature? All these things come into play to determine the scope of your decking project.


Attach and install a Ledger

A ledger is the deck floor rim board attached to your home or business. It needs to be attached and level, with proper waterproofing. The deck ledger should be installed with bolts or lag screws, not nails. In other words, it needs to be secured well.


Set your footings and piers

We will need to set up batter boards and mason’s strings to determine footing locations at your deck’s outside corners. We can then mark each location and remove the strings. We will then generally dig footing holes.


We can then begin your deck install

It’s exciting when you can start to see the deck emerging. At this point in the build, we will be able to begin installing front rim joists’s, beams, and interior joist’s. This is where your deck is taking shape.


Attach your trim and decking

We will attach your decking with the manufacturer suggested fasteners which are generally decking screws or nails.


Finishing your deck

Once all the materials are installed, we will add any project features added to your install, such as a fireplace, water feature, built in seating, or lights.


Enjoy your new decking

We can’t leave this important step out of your deck repair! Once we finish your deck repair, you need to get on it and enjoy it to the fullest! Whether you have a family bbq, relaxing meditation spot, or morning coffee spot, it’s time to put your deck to good use.


Tell your friends and family about us

We believe in doing things right, and hope you’ll feel taken care of on your deck repair. It would be amazing if you’d share your experience and have them call us for a free estimate.