Composite Decking in Franklin, TN

Don’t want to commit to all the maintenance of a wood deck, but want it to look awesome?

Composite decking is an amazing solution!
Composite decking can be a perfect way to get your decking dream without the required care for several reasons. It can be the perfect balance between cost and future care.

Ready for a beautiful low maintenance deck?

1. Composite decking doesn’t warp, splinter, or ware the way traditional wood does.

No splinters means you can walk on your deck barefoot and enjoy your deck without wood in your foot.

2. Composite decking is strong and resilient, helping it stand up to the abuse of kids, pets, and harsh weather.

Are your kids and pets out to destroy your investments? Hopefully not, but composite decking can help protect!

3. Composite doesn’t require staining, painting, and sealing like normal wood.

Enough said! This may be the best reason of all to go with a composite deck.

4. Composite decking can help create a truly unique and creative deck design.

Composite decking is a bendable material which allows for creating curved features, rounded corners, and wavy design elements.

5. There are massive color and style options to get the look you want.

SO MANY COLORS and styles! Yay to the look and feel you need!

6. It doesn’t conduct as much heat.

You want to go out on a hot day? Composite decking is not as hot as cedar or pressure-treated decking, so it can work well!

7. It’s highly weather resistant.

The high density of composite decking makes it weather resistant. High density also makes it less susceptible to rot and decay.

Have you thought about getting composite decking before, but moved on because you didn't know much about it?

Most of the current composite deck products are made using a forming process known as “extrusion”. The melted mixture of wood and plastic are put through a mold that produces boards to have a consistent shape and size. This process combined with the materials that are used is the answer to why composite decking needs less upkeep than traditional woods. 

Composite decking is a great option if you’re looking for a deck without the level of maintainance. You will still want to keep your deck free of dirt, pollen, and molds, but the yearly maintainance is significantly less!

Have you ever wondered what they make it from?

Composite decking is a pseudo-wood that they create by mixing recycled plastics and wood fibers. They add in color pigments and protective ingredients to form a traditional looking wood board, but with the added benefits of low maintenance.